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About tojir

About Tojir...

One may not say that Tojir is an imaginary place... only that it is difficult to find. It is a large island Barony, somewhere on the "unreadable" (and we all know that they exist.)

It is certainly a geological improbability, with its wide sandy beaches, rain forests, alpine mountains, swamps, deserts and anything you can find anywhere on the globe... all on one island. There are other improbabilities. In Tojir, there are no taxes, beer never goes flat, and the bakers don’t mind if you slam the door, because cakes don’t fall, in Tojir. It had to be large enough, and versatile enough, and sufficiently rich, and magical, to afford its own obscurity. 

The residents are not immortal, but they will live as long as anyone remembers them, and speaks of them kindly. It is a special place, in the hearts of a handful of believers... Dreamers. We invite you to share our stories, songs and poems about our friends and adventures with them. Feel free to add to the Tales of Tojir. 

If you have specific questions about the Barony of Tojir, direct them to me, and I will have them answered by our scholars. 

Baron Armand le Papillon